Introducing Kaï, the second girl of mine! 🥳

She seems sure of herself, very chill and confident and definitely loves posing and taking photos. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found her practising all kinds of poses in front of my bedroom mirror 🤭 She can also be a bit of a snob sometimes if her buttons are pressed. Don’t take it personally as she is a perfectionist and expects a lot of herself and the people around her. That causes her sometimes to be.. impatient 🤭

As for the technical stuff, Kaï is an original Takara doll, more specifically Tokyo Bright. She has an authentic obitsu 22 body and her hair are the original ones, washed, with trimmed bangs. Her lids have a red color. She has eyes by the_blythe_diaries, puppelina, deroute, and a pair of her original blue ones. Her make up was created by colours of the highest quality (PanPastels) and she was sealed with MSC Matte spray. She has a closed mouth, glossy lips and new lashes.

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Keep In Mind:

Before buying please read through the whole listing carefully:
As she is the first doll I ever made, she has technical flaws. Rome wasn’t built in a day unfortunately 🤭 That is the reason that they are so budget friendly. On the faceplates there might be small marks from sanding, although I cant see any. The lids are droopy as I was too scared to shave the eye mechanism, this is an expensive base 🤭 Also as this is a handmade creation please don’t expect full symmetry 🫶🏻🥹

Unless you are very experienced please don’t try opening the head as any extra pressure might damage the plastic. Unfortunately I can’t be responsible for any damage caused by improper handling. My dolls are always sold as they are in their photos and no further changes can be made after buying.

DHL Cyprus has an unusual method of calculating shipping as they change their prices every week. If you select DHL as your shipping method you will notice that the price marked is 100 euros. From my experience so far this is the amount they usually ask, sometimes a bit more sometimes a bit less. If it’s more, I will cover the rest of the amount, if it’s less then I will return the remaining amount to the PayPal email used for paying for the doll.

Please allow up to 5 working days for shipping! It can take up to 20 working days for you to receive the doll, depending on the shipping method you will select. If you would like insurance please contact me. Insurance by DHL will be 10 euros extra from the price calculated in the end.