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Hello there you fierce thing!

I’m Angelina and I’m the owner of Dragon de Papier.

Some words about this shop. I’ve always loved dragons and their magical world. It impressed me how strong, independent and majestic they are! I believe that all of us hide a dragon inside us, that urge us to overcome every obstacle and is also there in the moments where we feel proud and impressed by ourselves. And even if a dragon is made of paper, well it’s still a dragon. So the name of this shop stems from this idea.

Here you’ll find posters, calendars, invitations and other relevant items which you can download, have forever and print on any kind of paper. You can also find handmade items, like tote bags, with or without embroideries to use for your shopping or anywhere else you like! Although we mostly sell items in black and white, we are addressed to people with colourful veins. If you are not afraid to think outside the box, like to have things that are one of a kind and have a strong heart, then you fit in this category!

I hope when you browse this site it will remind you that one does not need the size of a dragon to have the soul of a dragon.

Happy browsing!

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